Some of the last issues on the BMC label : a landscape of the Hungarian Jazz Scene.

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borbélyMihaly Borbély Quartet : Hungarian Jazz Rhapsody (BMC 187, 2014)

A saxophone player, he also plays taragot, a traditional Hungarian instrument, an oboe with only one reed. His other groups : The Balkan Jazz Project, Borbély – Dresch Quartet. In the liner notes, he says : « Why do we Hungarian jazz musicians play our colleagues' compositions so rarely ? »
For instance, « Hungarian Jazz Rhapsody » written by Attila Zoller or « On Polymodal Blues » written by the pianist Kalman Olah. A lesson of vivacity.

modern artModern Art Orchestra plays the music of Kristof Bacso, Conducted by Kornél Fekete-Kovacs (BMC 204, 2014) 

A swinging big band directed by Kornél Fekete-Kovacs, a trumpet player, also member of Budapest Jazz Orchestra (albums with Dave Liebman and Bob Mintzer). Seven compositions written by the alto saxophone player Kristof Bacso (solos on Nocturne : « an Argentinian groove called chacarera with some Hungarian melodies » and, Variations on a folksong : « a folkish melody blended with the rhytmic elements of contemporary jazz »).

tothViktor Toth Arura Trio : Szemed Kincse / The Present (BMC 210, 2014)

A very lyric alto saxophone player, he played at the Jazz Brugge Festival in 2010 with Hamid Drake on drums. Nine very melodic compositions, illuminated by Miklos Lukacs's cymbalom and György Orban's double bass. Recorded live at BMC's Opus Jazz Club.

schiefelMichael Schiefel : Platypus Trio (BMC 207, 2014)

A German vocalist, who plays electronic devices (3 solo albums). Eight original compositions (with some lyrics based on an Aboriginal tale) played with Jörg Brinckman on cello (Dutch musician who played with Herb Robertson) and Miklos Lukacs (the Hungarian cymbalom player who met Charles Lloyd, Chris Potter, Archie Shepp and played Eötvös's compositions for cymbalom). A new way for vocal music.

karnasGrzegorz Karnas Trio feat. Miklos Lukacs : Vanga (BMC 209, 2014)

A Polish vocalist (he played with the saxophone player Tomasz Szukalski) : A lyrical Bye bye blackbird and some original compositions : english lyrics and swinging scat. Karnas's trio with Miklos Lukacs on cymbalom).

grencsoGrencso Open Collective : Flat / Sikvidék (BMC 205, 2014)

Istvan Grencso (ts, bcl, fl) played at Jazz Brugge in 2010 (with Lewis Jordan, the American saxophone player). Here he plays with his quartet. Eight original compositions : energy and fire (« Branded », « Sugar free »). And a composition (« In the Csinalosi Forest ») dedicated to György Szabados, the father of the Hungarian free jazz.

trio kontrasztTrio Kontraszt : Grencso – Tickmayer – Geröly (BMC 215, 2014)

Six original compositions and ten short collective improvisations (Fragment I – X). Grencso on tenor sax, bass clarinet and alto flute (he played with Peter Brotzmann and Peter Kowald), Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer on piano, organ, celesta (he studied with György Kurtag) and Tamas Geröly on drums, percussion and gardon (traditional instrument with 3 strings hit by a stick). Tamas Geröly played with Mâäk on the album Buenaventura (Werf). A good example of Hungarian free jazz.

bélaBéla Szakcsi Lakatos – Tim Ries – Robert Hurst – Rudy Royston : Climate Change (BMC212, 2014)

Béla Szakcsi Lakatos studied piano at Bela Bartok's Conservatory, he played with Miklos Lukacs at Jazz Brugge in 2008. For BMC, he recorded Szakcsi Generation with Jack DeJohnette and Ceck it out, Igor with Miklos Lukacs. An good example of meeting between a Hungarian pianist and American musicians. Original compositions (for instance, Hungarian folksong / Magyar népdal) except Blue in green. On Fight over water, a sharp solo by Lajos Kathy-Horvath on violin. 

gueorgui kornazouGueorgui Kornazov « Horizons » Quintet : The Budapest Concert (BMC 216, 2014)

A good example of the open mind of BMC Jazzforum Budapest Festival : this Budapest Suite was recorded on 8 September 2011. The trombone player (member of Henri Texier's Strada Sextet) plays here with his Horizons Quintet : Emile Parisien (ss), Manu Codjia (g), Marc Buronfosse (double bass), Karl Jannuska (dm). One of the best formation of the European scene. A trombone player with a stout sonority.

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